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How do driver’s license points work in Florida?
How do driver’s license points work in Florida?

How do driver’s license points work in Florida?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | Driver’s License Suspension |

If you receive a ticket for a traffic violation in Florida, you may receive points on your driving record. State law assigns a certain number of points to each type of moving violation. Florida drivers will also receive points for violations that occur out-of-state. 

Learn about why points accumulate and how they can affect your Florida driver’s license. 

Tickets that carry points

These common violations result in Florida driver’s license points as follows: 

  • Three points for each instance of speeding, driving carelessly, failing to yield, littering, failing to obey a traffic sign, backing up improperly, failing to use an appropriate child safety seat or driving too fast for the current conditions 
  • Four points for each instance of failing to stop at a red light, failing to stop before turning left, passing a stopped school bus, failing to stop for a school bus, driving recklessly or speeding faster than 50 miles per hour 
  • Six points for leaving the scene of a crash causing more than $50 in damage or speeding that results in a crash  

Penalties for point accumulation

Florida drivers will receive: 

  • A 30-day license suspension for 12 points in a year 
  • A three-month license suspension for 18 points in 18 months 
  • A 12-month license suspension for 24 points in 36 months 

The state removes driving record points three years after the original ticket date. Minors who receive six driver’s license points in a year will receive automatic license restriction for a year or until age 18. 

Hardship license availability

The state allows drivers with a points suspension to apply for a hardship license, which allows travel to work and school. The motorist must complete an approved Advanced Driver Instruction program and paying reinstatement fees. The driver must also complete these steps to receive full license reinstatement after the suspension. Drivers can take ADI either in person or online. 

Motorists can also take a Basic Driver Improvement course within 30 days of a ticket to have some or all of the points removed. 


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