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Are license suspensions biased against low income people?
Are license suspensions biased against low income people?

Are license suspensions biased against low income people?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2020 | Driver’s License Suspension |

There are many reasons why you could face a driver’s license suspension in Florida. Some of the reasons are for doing things you should not, such as getting too many speeding tickets, driving drunk or having other reckless driving habits. There are also some reasons why the state may suspend your license that have nothing to do with how you drive but rather are financially motivated. 

According to the Miami Herald, you could face a driver’s license suspension for failing to pay court fines unrelated to driving infractions. Suspension may also occur due to being unable to pay for traffic-related fines, but in any case, the suspension comes down to the fact that you cannot afford to pay these costs. 

Disproportionate punishment 

While it is certainly fine to impose a penalty for not paying fines that you rightfully owe, it becomes a problem when the majority of people facing such suspensions are those who are low income. The punishment then seems more like it is for poor people instead of a punishment that affects everyone equally. 

Move to strike 

There is a move by lawmakers to stop this type of suspension. It has negative consequences on lower-income people, such as preventing them from being able to secure consistent employment. It also leads people to commit other offenses out of desperation because they feel they have no choice but to drive despite the suspension. Then, they face further charges and more fines they cannot pay. If the current proposal becomes law, it would set up a formal repayment plan that considers your income and allows you to pay overtime and eliminates the suspension for unpaid fines. 


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