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Suspensions after too many points on a license
Suspensions after too many points on a license

Suspensions after too many points on a license

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | Driver’s License Suspension |

People who hold driver’s license in the state of Florida should be aware that any type of moving violation may result in a certain number of points being added to their driving record. The State of Florida website indicates that no such points are given to a driver after receiving a non-moving violation, such as a ticket for having a headlight that does not work. 

If a person amasses too many points in a certain period of time, their driver’s license and all driving privileges may be suspended. Most violations result in a person receiving three or four points at a time. For example, a driver will be given three points after a speeding ticket and four points after being tickets for not following a traffic signal device. 

A driver’s license may be suspended for 30 days if they receive 12 points within a year, for three months if they receive 18 points within a year-and-a-half and for a full 12 months if they receive 24 points within a span of three years. A driver’s license may even be completely revoked if they receive three major offenses or 15 violations within five years. 

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle department explains that some people may qualify to get their driving privileges reinstated so they can get to and from work or conduct essential business. They must first complete a special driving course and pay a fee. The driving course and fee is also required of people who have successfully completed their suspension period and are ready to apply for full driving privilege reinstatement. 


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