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Courts may disregard at home DNA tests for paternity
Courts may disregard at home DNA tests for paternity

Courts may disregard at home DNA tests for paternity

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Family Law |

Florida fathers who want to remain active in their child’s life after a split with the mom have a legal right to do so, only if the couple was legally joined. However, if you and your ex did not marry, only the mom has parental rights automatically. We often help fathers establish paternity and work through custody issues and develop a parenting plan. 

According to DNA Diagnostics Center, paternity home test kits and testing at labs and centers determine a child’s biological father. Although many of these tests can provide peace of mind, not all tests are acceptable for legal purposes. 

At-home vs. legal DNA tests 

When you use at-home tests, there is no proof that the sample submitted is yours. The courts accept only legal paternity tests. Qualified DNA collectors supervise the process from start to finish. The independent, third-party takes part in the proceedings from the time they check your identification and handle the cheek swab to the completion of paperwork and submitting the samples. This ensures the chain of custody remains unbroken, and the data is authentic. 

Benefits of paternity testing 

By confirming your biological relationship, you can have custody or visitation rights, regardless of whether the mother approves. You have the opportunity to create a strong emotional bond and take care of them emotionally and financially. 

Proving paternity is also required for your child to receive veterans, social security and insurance benefits. If the biological relationship is in doubt, the court may disallow inheritance, regardless of whether you list them in your will. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic. 


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