One of the most common Florida traffic tickets is speeding. However, not all speeding tickets are created equal. If you are caught speeding 30 miles or over, this will be a whole different category of a speeding ticket. If you are going 30mph or over, you do not have the option of paying a fine. Also, you do not have the option of doing traffic school to avoid the points. According to iDrive Safely, the court will automatically set the case for trial. 

For these kinds of tickets, you have to go to court or you need an attorney to go to court for you. If you fail to go, your license will be suspended. So with these tickets, mandatory court appearance is required. Another big difference with these tickets are the penalties. For regular speeding tickets, the penalties could be anywhere from $170 to $300. But for speeding 30mph and over, the penalties could go anywhere from $500 to $1000. In some counties, judges may even suspend your license. 

Florida works on a point system, and these points can potentially transfer over to your home state if you do not reside in Florida. If you get a traffic ticket and you are found guilty, points are added to your driving record after you get a certain amount of points. Not only does your insurance increase, but your license can be suspended. With speeding tickets for going 30mph or over, the points are much higher. You can potentially get up to four points and in some situations up to six points.