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Is not using a turning signal reckless driving?
Is not using a turning signal reckless driving?

Is not using a turning signal reckless driving?

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2019 | Traffic Violations |

It is very frustrating when driving in traffic and a motorist ahead of you suddenly brakes and turns without any warning. What makes this so frustrating, besides the potential for a crash, is that every vehicle comes equipped from the factory with turning signals that allows each driver to let other drivers know what they plan to do. Not using turning signals is a common issue among motorists, but that does not reduce the fact that is a dangerous habit for drivers in Florida. 

The National Safety Council explains that because using your turning signals is so easy to do that by not using them, you are acting in a reckless manner. You create a dangerous situation on the road when you fail to signal before a turn. This is a completely preventable hazard because it is so easy to use the signal. 

Another issue is not using the signals correctly. The whole idea is that they provide advanced knowledge to other drivers of your intentions. If you do not use them until you are right at the turn, then this is about the same as not using them at all because you do not offer that advanced notice. 

Correct use of a turning signal is to turn it on before you begin to brake or slow down. This will give those drivers around you enough time to react to your intended maneuver. It also gives you enough time to assess the situation and know if another vehicle is not going to heed your warning. 

The bottom line is that using a turning signal can avoid many accidents. Not using one is reckless because it creates a hazardous situation. This information is for education and is not legal advice. 


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