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Divorce mistakes to avoid
Divorce mistakes to avoid

Divorce mistakes to avoid

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2019 | Family Law, Firm News |

One of the mistakes divorcing couples in Florida should avoid is ignoring the tax implications of the decisions they make during the settlement process. Certain assets may have a current value, but that value can change when those assets undergo tax treatment in the future.

Another mistake to avoid during a divorce is not having all of the necessary financial paperwork on hand. As soon as a divorce seems a likely possibility, it is important to obtain the balances and account numbers of all financial accounts as well as Social Security statements that report the earnings of a spouse and any probable future benefits. Documentation regarding how much was paid for significant assets and major home improvements should also be gathered.

People who are considering getting a divorce may automatically assume that going to trial will be necessary. However, this is a mistake. There are alternatives, including collaborative divorce and mediation, options that allow people to save money as well as time.

Mediation uses an objective and neutral third party to help obtain settlement terms. For collaborative divorces, the attorneys have training in using the collaborative process to resolve disputes and negotiate terms that both parties will find reasonable. In mediation, it is necessary for both parties to be willing to be cooperative and honest. Collaborative divorce may be recommended for couples who have a contentious relationship but who do not want to pay the expense of litigation.

Regardless of the venue or how it is handled, the end of a marriage presents a variety of legal issues that need to be addressed. A family law attorney can often help a client negotiate a settlement agreement that deals with property division and, where applicable, child custody and visitation.


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