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What motorcyclists need to know about Florida laws
What motorcyclists need to know about Florida laws

What motorcyclists need to know about Florida laws

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Florida’s mild winters have long lured people from less temperate climates down to enjoy sunny days in the beachside communities up and down both of Florida’s beautiful coastlines.

Our guests are welcome and a great boon to the thriving tourism industry, so we want to prevent bikers and other tourists from breaking Florida laws and winding up in jail.

Don’t pop a wheelie here in our state

A previous post addressed the problems associated with “popping a wheelie” in the state of Florida. Not only is it incredibly dangerous, it’s illegal and could wind up costing you a great deal of money in fines, along with facing other penalties.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the violations one might rack up on an extended motorcycle trip down the Florida Peninsula.

Drunk drivers are aggressively prosecuted

Whether you are traveling on four wheels or on two, if you are imbibing alcohol and driving, you face arrest and possible imprisonment. There’s just no good reason to drink and drive knowing all that we do about the inherent risks. Find another way to get around — Uber and Lyft are quite popular, as are many taxi services in beachside communities.

At the bar and had one too many to climb aboard your bike and head back to your hotel? Ask your server to arrange for transport back. Most will be happy to make a call for a sober ride for the bar patrons.

Obey the Florida traffic laws

While a traffic ticket for speeding is less serious than a DUI, it’s still an avoidable expense. Many smaller communities in Florida have lower speed limits due to the amount of foot traffic there is from people making their way to the stores and restaurants near their condos and hotels. Abide by the posted limits, and go even slower if a sudden squall comes ashore.

Should you run afoul of Florida laws while visiting the Sunshine State, it is prudent to retain a local attorney to be your advocate here in court.


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