Residents of Sarasota, Florida, and across the nation may wonder how to tell if their marriage may be headed toward divorce. Those struggling in their marriages may find it beneficial to evaluate their relationship and search for certain factors that serve as signs.

While all relationships will have their ups and downs, some individuals may ultimately end up feeling hopeless about the success of their marriage. This hopelessness is one of the top factors in predicting whether or not a couple will divorce. According to a study done by the University of Washington in 1992, couples who felt that hopelessness toward the beginning of the study were more likely to divorce around three years later.

Some married couples in this study, according to the researches, described in interviews the unrealistic expectations they had for the relationship before the marriage. One other marriage and family therapist stated that one of the biggest factors that predict divorce is indifference toward the relationship. If one partner no longer cares about trying to stay in the relationship, or does not care about their partner and what they do, that partner will generally not put in the effort required to make the marriage a success.

Going through a divorce ranks high on the stressful events that one can experience. The resulting hopelessness can severely affect your ability to make decisions and can bring your focus away from the negotiations involved in the end of a marriage. An experienced divorce lawyer can help avoid critical mistakes that can impact your future.