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How to defend against a red light camera ticket
How to defend against a red light camera ticket

How to defend against a red light camera ticket

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2018 | Firm News, Traffic Violations |

Many Florida drivers know the dreaded moment too well when they roll through a yellow light, get the timing wrong and see the flash of a red light camera in their rearview mirrors.

After this moment several important questions will be running through your mind: Did I make it through on the yellow light? Did the camera get a clear shot of my license plate? Will I be getting a notice of an expensive ticket in a couple of days?

3 defense strategies for camera tickets

Regardless of the circumstances of your ticket, you may not have to pay the fine in some cases. Various criminal defense strategies could be available to help you defend your innocence and prevent the need to pay a large fine:

The photo was blurry: If the picture of the license is blurry enough in the photo, it might be possible to defend against the charge. In fact, you might know — without a shadow of a doubt — that the car in the photo is not yours. If this is the case, then it could be a case of mistaken identity and you can defend yourself against the ticket.

Was the camera operating properly? You may have driven through a green traffic light and a malfunctioning camera could have taken your picture at the wrong time. These situations are not uncommon and numerous people get hit with inappropriate tickets as a result of improperly functioning red light cameras.

Did a representative of the camera company show up in court? In some cases, drivers may be able to argue that the camera was not operating properly and no one is present to verify its accuracy. If the red light camera representative doesn’t show up as a witness in court, you might be able to argue that no one is present to verify the working condition of the camera.

More defense options could fit your factual scenario

Accused drivers in Florida may benefit from learning more about traffic ticket laws and the rules and regulations governing conviction. This legal knowledge will be helpful during any kind of red light camera ticket defense.


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