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What to do about the holidays after divorce with children
What to do about the holidays after divorce with children

What to do about the holidays after divorce with children

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The holidays may be a difficult time for parents and children in Florida after a divorce. However, it is important for parents to remember that the focus should be on the children and the family, not on the former spouses. Moving back and forth between their parents’ households can be tough for children. They may struggle to understand the changes in their lives even though they know their parents still love them.

There are a few things parents can do to make the situation easier on themselves and their children. First, parents who are spending the holiday without their children should consider going to visit family or friends during this time for support.

Parents who do have their children should be flexible about plans with the other parent. Although it may be tempting to get back at the other parent, this will cause harm to the children. Parents should think about how they can create new traditions for the holiday with their children. They should avoid overspending in order to try to make it up to their children. It is better to stay within budget and focus on time together. The end of a marriage is painful, but the hurt will lessen over time, and the holidays will get less difficult.

Family law courts usually take the attitude that children do better if they are able to spend some time with each parent. Over the holidays, this could mean that children spend part of their time with each parent, or it could mean that one year they spend the holiday with one parent and the next year they spend it with the other parent. These plans could be part of the overall child custody and visitation agreement, or parents might make an agreement about holidays separately.


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