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Tips for separating finances in a divorce
Tips for separating finances in a divorce

Tips for separating finances in a divorce

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One task that people in Florida who are getting a divorce must take on is separating their credit. This helps protect each of them and also allows each person to begin building an individual credit record.

People should close joint accounts and remove one another as an authorized user on any credit accounts. If the latter is not done, then one spouse could run up charges that the other spouse is responsible for. If there are debts, each person should make sure to not pay more than a fair share. If the debts were acquired jointly, they may also be distributed in this way after the divorce. One exception is that a person might make a payment if the other spouse is not going to pay and it will affect a person’s credit rating.

People should also open bank and credit card accounts in their own names. However, it is important not to misuse these accounts. Debts should be paid off promptly. Credit reports should be monitored after the divorce to ensure that a former spouse’s credit information does not appear on them. People should also track their spending carefully to ensure that they do not begin overspending and fall into debt after the divorce.

Division of debts and property is one of several issues that family law addresses in a divorce. A person who is splitting debts with an ex-spouse might want to talk to an attorney about how to protect against the ex-spouse refusing to pay the debt. In some cases, creditors might still pursue a person for a spouse’s share of debt, so the person might want to find out what legal remedies may be available if this happens. A person might also want to look into who will be responsible for debts incurred before the marriage such as student loans.


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