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Pope suggests same-sex couple may be good parents
Pope suggests same-sex couple may be good parents

Pope suggests same-sex couple may be good parents

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2014 | Adoption, Firm News |

For some people in Florida as well as throughout the United States, to adopt a child can be the only path to parenthood. Whether a stepparent adoption, domestic adoption, international adoption or other, the process can be complex and many factors can come into play to determine the ultimate outcome. An adoption court can sometimes rely on a psychologist to help identify what is in the best interests of the child while at other times a prospective adoptive parent is at the mercy of the laws of a foreign nation.

A news article recently touched on another factor that can be a hurdle to an adoption-sexual preference. The new Catholic Pope, Francis, was reported in the piece to be encouraging Catholics worldwide to remain open to the concept of gay and lesbian people as potentially good parents. The comments are not representative of the first time that the Pope has spoken positively of the homosexual community, something virtually unheard of from any prior leader of the Catholic Church.

The lack of criticism toward gay and lesbian people wishing to have children could be a breath of fresh air for some same-sex couples. While the Pope’s position on the subject cannot directly affect laws in the United States or any country, it may nonetheless give new hope to these would-be parents that the path may become easier eventually.

Anyone interested in putting a child up for adoption or finding a child to adopt could benefit from working with a private attorney. Both same-sex and heterosexual couples can face problems in the search through the adoption process and the right help can make a difference.

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