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Adoptions face challenges from the Internet
Adoptions face challenges from the Internet

Adoptions face challenges from the Internet

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2013 | Adoption, Firm News |

Many Florida residents choose adoption as their route to becoming parents. The reasons for such choices are many and the rewards of adopting a child can be great yet the adoption process itself can be filled with challenges at times. Waiting lists, individual country laws governing an international adoption and other factors can leave many a prospective adoptive parent frustrated. While it would be nice to think that such problems are behind once an adoption is finalized, that may not always be the case.

According to an article recently published, today’s adoptions face ongoing challenges thanks to the emergence of the Internet as a mainstay in our world. According to the article, there has been an increase in cases of manipulation or exploitation of both prospective adoptive parents as well as pregnant women looking to give up their babies for adoption. Fraudulent adoption processes have also been on the rise and are made easier when conducted online.

Another key adoption issue is the ease with which a biological parent and child can be reconnected via various Internet sources such as social media sites. The proliferation of personal information makes the concept of a fully closed adoption difficult to ensure in our world. An adoptive parent should be aware of this reality and enter into an adoption with this clearly in mind.

People wishing to pursue the adoption of a child may be well served by working with a private attorney who has experience in handling adoptions. Doing so can help reduce the chance of being the victim of inappropriate or illegal circumstances.

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