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North Florida agency leads in adoptions for foster care children
North Florida agency leads in adoptions for foster care children

North Florida agency leads in adoptions for foster care children

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There are many ways to create a family, and for some in Sarasota, a biological connection is not necessary. Many couples open their hearts and homes to children who have been abandoned by their parents, children who are distant relatives and children whose parents lost their parental rights. Some spouses take on the role of legal parent to the other spouse’s children through stepparent adoption.

Florida adoption agencies work hard to find homeless youth and children new permanent families and one agency, the Florida Support Services of North Florida, has especially been successful in moving children from foster care into adoptive homes. Working with the local court judge and other organizations, the agency has been successful in finding an adoptive parent for children and making that adoption permanent in less than two years after the child’s entry into foster care.

For the second year in a row, the agency has led other state agencies in adoptions with 307 children being adopted in 2012. Furthermore, the agency has placed over 2,300 children with adoptive families since 2006. In the state of Florida, families adopted 3,356 children who were placed into foster programs. Many of these children have siblings and tend to be in their teens.

Regardless of whether a couple is adopting a child from a biological parent or through a government or private agency, it is important for them to understand the legalities involved with the process. There is usually an evaluation that the couple or adoptive parent must go through to prove that they can provide a loving and stable home for the child. A person who is thinking about adoption may benefit from speaking with an experienced adoption attorney.

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