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Is child support tied to a child’s feelings of security?
Is child support tied to a child’s feelings of security?

Is child support tied to a child’s feelings of security?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2013 | Child Support, Firm News |

In Ballantyne, there are many single parents out there. Some have become single through a divorce while others may have never married the other parent. Regardless of the situation, it is the responsibility of parents to care for their children and for the parent who does not hold legal custody, this usually means that they need to pay child support.  The money goes towards the child’s everyday expenses, such as schooling, food, clothes, and even some entertainment.

One opinion suggests that the payment of child support is directly tied to a child’s sense of security and affects the kind of relationship that a child will have with the non-custodial parent. When a child no longer lives with both parents, a non-custodial parent’s willingness to provide financial support can send a message that he or she cares about the child and their welfare.

A parent that refuses to make monthly payments for their child or who may only pay until the child is 18 may be sending the message that they don’t care about that child, creating a relationship that is estranged and indifferent. It is not uncommon for children to need continued financial support to pay for college, a wedding and even buying a first home. Parents that are too focused on money often fail to understand that the lack of support will affect their long-term relationship with their children.

When a parent does not live up to their responsibilities, it is often the custodial parent who must work multiple jobs to make up the difference. Parents in this situation may want to talk about their issue with an attorney.

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