One of the most contentious issues that can rise between parents in Sarasota who are no longer together is financial support of a child. Generally, the parent that does not have custody is ordered to pay the other parent child support and the amount of the support is calculated using a formula set up by the state. The payments are to be used for the everyday expenses of the child such as education, food, housing and clothing.

A woman who is the mother of a child fathered by NBA player, Chris Bosh, is likely planning to seek a child support modification order after the player made public statements that imply he intends to retire and establish his residence in Florida. Apparently, Bosh told the family law judge that his resident state is Texas and the child support was calculated using Texas law, which equals to about $2,600 a month.

However, if the mother is able to prove to a judge that Bosh’s residency is actually Florida, the basketball player may find himself paying $30,000 a month since Florida’s child support laws vary from Texas; the mother is the custodial parent.

Residency of the non-custodial parent can make a difference in some child support cases and so it may be a good idea for the other parent to learn more about the state laws. One way to do this is to talk with an experienced attorney who has an understanding of how these laws can be applied. The attorney can help that parent present their argument for child support and protect that child’s rights to financial assistance.

Source: Sports World News, “Chris Bosh Ex Sues For Greater Child Support Payments,” Glenn Minnis, June 20, 2013