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International adoption completes Florida families
International adoption completes Florida families

International adoption completes Florida families

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There are many couples in Sarasota who dream of having a family but for some, the physical ability to do so can be limited. In such instances, some people and couples choose to turn to adoption, offering a home to a child in need. The adoption process for prospective parents may focus on adopting a child in the state of Florida or going beyond the borders of the United States, rescuing a child from a life of abject poverty and misery.

Several Florida parents shared their experiences in international adoption over the last several years. One couple found their daughter in Haiti, another woman adopted four children from Guatemala, and for one couple, their daughters were waiting for them in Poland. Each story talks about the feeling that the adoptive parents received when they saw their future children; they spoke of somehow knowing that they were looking at their child.

The stories also emphasize the adoption issues that often rise up in bringing children to Florida from another country. Lost paperwork, long waits and thousands of dollars are characteristic with this type of adoption but the parents do not seem to regret any of the challenges.

Any type of adoption can be complicated as there are psychological, physical, and financial assessments that adoptive parents must go through in order to qualify. The adoption court process can take up additional time as it evaluates each case and seeks to make a decision based upon the best interest of the child or children. People interested in adopting may want to meet with an experienced attorney to learn more about the process and to ensure that everything is done according to the law.

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