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Florida woman given child support after death of the father
Florida woman given child support after death of the father

Florida woman given child support after death of the father

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Because of the mobility we have in this country, it is not unusual for parents to move to another state, taking their children with them. Many people who live in Sarasota have come from other places and the relocation has no effect on a parent’s rights relating to child support. Parents have a responsibility to provide financial support for their children to pay for everyday expenses and this is regardless of whether they are married to each other or not.

Apparently the laws regarding child support can also be applied to the estate of a parent when they die. A woman who moved to Florida to be closer to her mother, recently was awarded child custody support from the estate of her children’s father, who was murdered. It appears that the man provided for the woman and their children; the woman is on a limited income due to disability.

Until the man’s estate is settled, the woman will continue to receive monthly payments for her two children. It is unknown whether the man provided for the woman or his children by her in his will.

Child support cases can be extremely complicated, especially when a parent has died. It is important for parents to establish their rights in relation to financial support in order to make sure that their children receive the medical care and other things that they need. When someone is dealing with a child support issue, having an attorney to guide them can be of tremendous benefit. An experienced attorney can help them understand what the law allows and how they can receive what they may be entitled to.

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