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Interstate move to Florida complicates adoption case
Interstate move to Florida complicates adoption case

Interstate move to Florida complicates adoption case

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When a couple decides to adopt a child, it must be determined by a court that the move is in the best interests of the child. This is usually accomplished by home visits, a psychologist giving their opinion on how the action will affect the child and a termination of parental rights for the biological parents. Sometimes there are other factors to be considered to ensure that everything is properly done and this can be frustrating for potential adoptive parents to go through.

One couple is finding that the adoption process has become more complicated after they decided to move to Florida two years ago for health reasons. Apparently their former state’s court is reluctant to approve the adoption and a Florida court has told them that the adoption jurisdiction belongs in their former state. Needless to say, the couple, and the 17-year-old who wishes them to be his legal parents are frustrated.

The boy, who has lived with the couple since he was five months old, asked them to adopt him. One of the problems seems to be that his biological parents cannot be located to sign over their parental rights even though they have never sought custody of him. The boy has no desire to live with either biological parent.

With the reluctance of both courts to make a decision, this adoption process is likely to continue for some time. However, when everything is said and done, this couple and the son they have raised will be able to begin a new life together without fear that the boy will be taken away. Anyone considering adoption may find it extremely helpful to speak with an attorney.

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