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U.S. Marshalls arrest most wanted deadbeat dad at LA airport
U.S. Marshalls arrest most wanted deadbeat dad at LA airport

U.S. Marshalls arrest most wanted deadbeat dad at LA airport

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The most wanted “deadbeat” dad in the U.S. was arrested this week in Los Angles, when he arrived from the Philippines, after being deported for being in that country illegally. He had been traveling on a fake passport. The man, Robert D. Sand, had been living in Thailand prior to his deportation from the Philippines.

He owes from than $1 million in child support. He originally fled from New York to Florida, and then Thailand after failing to pay his court-ordered child support in New York in 2002. An arrest warrant had been issued in New York due to his violation of contempt orders he received for failing to pay his child support.

“Most wanted deadbeat parents” list was begun in 2012. Delinquent child support payments in the U.S. are currently estimated at $108 billion, with about half owed to parents and half to taxpayers. The Office of Inspector General (OIG) has created a list of the most wanted deadbeat parents highlight the problem, and Sand was at the top of that list.

Most child support issues are handled at the state level, but OIG will become involved when a noncustodial parent lives in a different state from the child, and has not paid child support for a year and or if the amount is greater than $5,000 or where the parent has purposefully traveled to another state to avoid paying child support.

If you are having problems paying or receiving child support, speak with your divorce attorney, to see what options are available for enforcement or modification.

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