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Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney
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Appointing A Power Of Attorney

As you are no doubt aware, life is very unpredictable. In our lifetimes, we are all bound to experience unforeseen circumstances such as accidents or illnesses, and as a result, we may become unable to take care of our affairs. Therefore, it is vital to have a power of attorney in place. A power of attorney is a document in which one person, known as the “principal”, appoints another person, known as the “agent”, to act on behalf of the principal. A power of attorney prepared by an attorney at the Murphy Law Group can grant the appointed person the right to make decisions concerning financial and legal matters, such as sign contracts, pay bills, or transfer property. Signing a power of attorney can provide you with a great sense of security knowing you have appointed someone you trust to take care of your personal affairs in the event you become incapable of doing so.

At The Murphy Law Group, our attorneys understand the importance of having a power of attorney. By recognizing your immediate and future needs, our attorneys can prepare a power of attorney for you and assist with other estate planning needs.

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