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Establishing A Guardianship

Caring for a loved one who is unable to make legal decisions for themselves can be a challenging process. While you want to ensure that your family member’s best interests are represented by those who truly care for them, it is essential that your actions on their behalf conform with Florida law.

The Murphy Law Group can guide you through the process of seeking or becoming a court-appointed guardian for a minor family member without a parent, or for an adult family member who is unable to make decisions for themselves. As a family-owned firm, we know the importance of preserving emotional and personal connections through the legal process, and are dedicated to making your guardianship appointment as smooth as possible. We will work with you as you file the necessary paperwork, and can help you choose a guardian or secure your own designation as a guardian.

Our guardianship counsel also goes beyond the filing, application and appointment processes. We will provide the legal advice and clear answers the guardian needs to comply with their legal responsibilities and assist with any annual filings.

We Offer A Free Initial Consultation

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