Sarasota Lawyers For Out Of State Driver's License Defense

If you are a resident of another state who was pulled over for a traffic violation in Florida, the Sarasota attorneys for out-of-state driver's license defense at The Murphy Law Group can help. Whether you were pulled over while on vacation or you are a professional driver pulled over while in Florida, we can help you prevent driver's license suspension and other consequences.

We Make It Easy For You

When people from other states get a traffic ticket in Florida, they often think that fighting the ticket would mean having to travel back to Florida. Hoping to avoid that expense, they simply pay the traffic ticket. Paying a traffic ticket is an admission of guilt. Doing so could lead not only to fines, but also to increased insurance premiums and points against your driver's license, which could lead to license suspension.

Our lawyers are able to go to court on your behalf in the majority of cases, meaning that you will not have to travel to Florida again. In fact, our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you, minimizing contact to a few phone or email conversations. We will put our 10-plus years of experience to work to prevent your Florida traffic violation from resulting in driver's license suspension or other consequences.

Free Consultation: Florida Tourist Traffic Attorneys

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