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Domestic Violence/Injunctions
Domestic Violence/Injunctions
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Put Our Tenacity And Compassion To The Test With Your Domestic Violence Matter

Violence and abuse in the home is a devastating reality in our society. There are legal actions a person can take to protect themselves and their children against domestic violence, or even the threat of it. The first step for many is obtaining a temporary domestic violence injunction, commonly known as a restraining order, with a hearing scheduled within 10 days.

No matter which side of an injunction you are on, it is in your best interests to seek the help of a lawyer.

The Murphy Law Group offers knowledgeable advice and counsel for domestic violence issues. We represent clients on either side of an injunction, and we understand the emotional difficulties involved. As time is of the essence, we will diligently work with you to prepare for the hearing, including gathering evidence and witnesses to support your position. If necessary we also can refer you to counseling, anger management programs and other community resources.

Seeking An Injunction (Restraining Order)

In Florida, there are four kinds of civil injunctions:

  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Dating violence
  • Repeat violence

Which petition you file depends on your relationship with the other person and the circumstances. The statutes and requirements vary depending on the type of injunction as well.

Domestic violence isn’t just defined as physical or verbal abuse against a significant other. Children and other family members could be targets of abuse, leaving partners fearful for not just their own safety, but that of their loved ones.

When we work on the plaintiff side of a domestic violence case, we seek immediate protection from the courts for all applicable parties. We can help victims and their loved ones seek safety away from their abuser while matters are settled in court.

Since all domestic violence cases will have a hearing, it is important to have skilled litigators on your side. Attorney Stephanie Murphy is experienced and comfortable in the courtroom and is fully prepared to fight on your behalf. She is extremely knowledgeable of criminal statutes, and she knows how to evaluate the evidence to effectively and efficiently prepare your case.

Defending Against False Allegations

It’s not uncommon in particularly contentious divorces — especially if there is an accompanying custody battle — for one parent to accuse the other of acting violent or abusive. Often done out of malice, false domestic violence allegations can lead to the termination of the accused’s parental rights, leaving them without access or the right to see or maintain custody of their children.

When representing defendants in domestic violence cases, we focus on the facts in order to secure the best possible outcome. If allegations of violence and abuse are false, we will make sure your name is cleared and your parental rights are not affected. If there is a criminal charge, we can also can act as liaison with the prosecution or refer you to a reputable criminal defense attorney.

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