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Divorce mistakes to avoid

One of the mistakes divorcing couples in Florida should avoid is ignoring the tax implications of the decisions they make during the settlement process. Certain assets may have a current value, but that value can change when those assets undergo tax treatment in the future.

When wives become ill, marriages are more likely to fail

When Florida couples get married, they often vow to remain married through sickness and in health. However, studies have found that serious illness can increase the risk for divorce. Furthermore, studies have shown that women have an increased chance of divorce if they become ill than if men become ill.

How a couple's attractiveness could affect their future

When people in Florida get into the dating scene, physical attraction may be one significant factor bringing them together. According to surveys, people are likely to approach individuals they consider up to 25 percent more attractive than themselves on most online dating sites. While people may have widely varying views on which physical traits are most beautiful or appealing, social standards of beauty play a major role in individual tastes as well as general perceptions of how well a couple is matched. Several studies aimed to determine how couples perceived to have an appearance gap were affected by the difference.

Dividing a 401(k) in a divorce

People in Florida who are deciding to divorce may be concerned about how their retirement funds will be distributed. In many cases, 401(k)s and similar funds are some of the largest assets held by a couple, so it is important to handle the distribution of these funds properly. If they are not divided correctly, both divorcing spouses could face costly taxes and other penalties.

How to divide a marital home in a divorce

There are many ways in which divorcing couples in Florida can choose to deal with a marital home. For instance, they could choose to sell it and split the proceeds. It's also possible to keep the home in an effort to help the children through the initial stages of the divorce. Someone who has a sentimental attachment to a certain property may also want to keep it.

Parents seek to preserve family togetherness after divorce

Parents in Florida who decide to divorce may be looking for custody options that allow them to support their children through the confusion that can come with a parental divorce. Many people are opting for joint or shared custody in which both parents have roughly equal time with and responsibility for the children. In general, kids will move back and forth between their parents' homes and have a room and space in both houses. However, even though joint custody protects the parent-child relationship with both parents, it can still be a major shock for children. They are leaving the family home and may feel a sense of instability, particularly at first.

Making the right financial choices during a divorce

When Florida couples get a divorce, there are a number of financial issues they need to keep in mind. If their divorce is finalized after the end of 2018, alimony will not be subject to taxes, but experts say it is likely both recipients and payers will have less money. However, they also caution that trying to rush a divorce agreement could also lead to costly mistakes.

Parents can help their children heal from divorce

When Florida couples consider divorce, they may wonder how the separation will affect their children. Parental actions can play a major role in easing the transition for kids. When parents are sensitive to their children's needs and prioritize their emotional well-being throughout the divorce process, positive outcomes are far more likely.

Recent trench deaths lead to new OSHA measures

Florida workers required to dig gas, water or sewer lines are well aware of the potential dangers involved in their line of work. If an excavation site caves in, everyone in the trench could die. That's why the Occupational Safety Health Administration has updated its National Emphasis Program on Trenching and Excavation.

The interaction between child support and custody

The current child support system was largely put in place during the 1960s. During that time, single mothers in Florida and throughout the country asked the government for help providing for their children. To relieve the burden, the federal government asked fathers to provide those financial resources instead. However, some parents are asked to pay child support even if they have custody of their children.

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