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Miami father falsely accused of failing to pay child support

There are a lot of parents out there who fail to provide for the everyday expenses of their children. Often referred to as deadbeat parents, these people choose not to take care of the children they helped bring into the world. This means that Florida authorities are kept busy trying to track these men down and initiate child support enforcement against them. Often, they are brought to the attention of the state when one parent submits a claim that the other parent has failed to pay their child support.

Sperm donors and responsibility for child support

A lesbian couple wanted to give birth to a child. As a same-sex couple, their doctor would not help with artificial insemination. They resorted to soliciting a sperm donor on Craigslist. They found a donor, who somewhat naively agreed. He did sign a contract that stated he would not be responsible for child support.

U.S. Marshalls arrest most wanted deadbeat dad at LA airport

The most wanted "deadbeat" dad in the U.S. was arrested this week in Los Angles, when he arrived from the Philippines, after being deported for being in that country illegally. He had been traveling on a fake passport. The man, Robert D. Sand, had been living in Thailand prior to his deportation from the Philippines.

Life Insurance after your divorce

During a divorce, you may encounter many problems when it comes to dividing the property you have accumulated over the years of your marriage. You also discover that along with dividing assets, you have to divide debts incurred during the marriage. Other prosaic items that you may have given little thought also need careful attention.

Florida court orders music producer to pay child support

Whether a couple who has a child is divorced or never married, when the relationship ends and the parents and child are not living together as a family, the parent who lives apart from the child is generally required to pay child support. These monthly payments may be voluntary or court-ordered, and the amount is usually determined by the non-custodial parent's income.

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