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Child support enforcement in the state of Florida

Generally, both parents share the financial responsibility of raising their child. When the parents are not living together, family law judges in Florida, and elsewhere, often order child support awards to ensure that noncustodial parents continue to provide that support. As court orders, there are enforcement procedures and tools in place at both the state and federal levels to ensure that parents fulfill their financial obligation for their children.

Inaccurate information and child support awards in Florida

If you are a parent, you know that raising a child, while often the joy of a lifetime, can be costly. Generally, you must provide your children with a safe place to live, food and water, clothing and other basic necessities. There are, however, numerous other expenses, including costs for medical treatment and care, education and extracurricular activity fees, and entertainment expenses.

Unpaid child support lands Florida father in jail

Situations can arise for parents in Sarasota, and other cities, that make it difficult or impossible to fulfill their child support obligations. While parents in these cases may be able to obtain a child support modification to adjust for their altered circumstances, parents who are able to pay, but choose not to can face serious consequences and penalties, including possible jail time.

Man could owe child support for boy not biologically his

Readers in Sarasota are likely aware that both parents are generally responsible for cost of living, everyday expenses and other costs that come along with raising a child. It may surprise many to learn, however, that there are cases when a person who is not a child’s biological parent could be considered responsible for these expenses and ordered to pay child support.

Judge denies rapper Ludacris’ request for child support reduction

Family law judges in Sarasota, and elsewhere, use a number of factors in order to help determine the amount of a parent’s monthly child support payments, including his or her income. There are situations, however, where a person’s income may change from the time when the support arrangement is made. In the event the change in income is a reduction, a parent may find himself or herself unable to afford their monthly payments.

Fired by daughter, Beyoncé’s father has child support reduced

The father and former manager to pop star Beyoncé Knowles, has been in the news in Sarasota and other cities nationally a lot for reasons relating to a son he fathered during an extra-marital affair. While failing to make court ordered payments can affect the ability of the custodial parent to meet all of the child’s needs, the situation that he found himself in is one that is not uncommon among parents who have court ordered child support obligations.

State bill pushes for change in child support calculations

Residents in the state of Florida who experience a divorce with minor children at home must face unique challenges and decisions. In addition, it is not simply the initial determination that can affect the parties but the ongoing payment of child support which may last several years depending upon the ages of the children at the time of the divorce.

Child support costs often higher than parents thought

A divorce is never easy on anyone and the involvement of minor children can only make it more complex. Financially speaking, the impact of a divorce hits both parties and for the spouse that may end up being ordered to pay either spousal support and/or child support, it can feel extreme at times. Couples considering a divorce should be aware of the ramifications of child support awards or payments.

Is child support tied to a child's feelings of security?

In Ballantyne, there are many single parents out there. Some have become single through a divorce while others may have never married the other parent. Regardless of the situation, it is the responsibility of parents to care for their children and for the parent who does not hold legal custody, this usually means that they need to pay child support.  The money goes towards the child’s everyday expenses, such as schooling, food, clothes, and even some entertainment.

Florida residency quote could result in higher child support

One of the most contentious issues that can rise between parents in Sarasota who are no longer together is financial support of a child. Generally, the parent that does not have custody is ordered to pay the other parent child support and the amount of the support is calculated using a formula set up by the state. The payments are to be used for the everyday expenses of the child such as education, food, housing and clothing.

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