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Child taken after Bradenton mother charged with neglect

Sometimes a parent loses child custody because they are unable to properly care for that child. This may be due to an addiction, lack of income or an unstable environment. However, if a parent is able to make changes in their life, they can usually win back child custody and visitation rights from a court and resume their parenting responsibilities. In order to do this, the parent may need a lot of help and support from various sources.

Immigrant loses child custody, raising concern over county system

Florida has a large population of immigrant families that have their own cultures and unique backgrounds but sometimes, this can cause problems with the law. For example, parenting techniques and practices can be quite different and this can result in a child custody dispute between parents and county agencies. Due to their lack of understanding when it comes to local laws, these parents may struggle to understand that what they are doing is not considered to be in the best interests of the child.

Ocala father loses custody of baby after home treatment

While most custody issues involve parents or legal caretakers fighting over a child, it is important to remember that there are other kinds of custody issues which may occur in Sarasota. For example, a child custody case may center on a parent trying to obtain custody from the state after the child has been removed. Another type of custody case may highlight grandparents' rights in which a grandparent is seeking custody because the parent is unable to care for the child.

Florida baby has three parents on her birth certificate

Family law is complex. There are many statutes that govern aspects of divorce, adoption, paternity, and thousands of cases interpreting those statutes. And while new questions arise every day on issues of child custody, support and other family law issues, at least the broad outlines of how things are done is understood. For same-sex couples, the world of family law is often a journey without maps.

Florida law and grandparent rights to visitation

After a divorce, a sometimes overlooked consequence is the impact of the visitation and parenting plan arrangements will have on the grandparents of the couple. Child custody plans may meticulously map out all of the contact between the parents and the children, who gets which holidays and when vacations may occur, but may overlook the grandparent's relationship.

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