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What are the laws for moving with kids after a Florida divorce?

Whether to make a fresh start, pursue a career opportunity, be closer to family or any other number of reasons, it is common for people to want to relocate after a divorce. There can be much more to the process for Florida parents than just finding a new residence and packing up their belongings, however. Generally, parents of minor aged children who have time-sharing agreements in Florida are subject to specific rules regarding relocations.

What visitation rights do Floridian grandparents have?

Florida courts typically leave decisions regarding who a child will and will not be permitted to see up to the child's parents. In cases involving child custody disputes, however, the best interests of the child may be overlooked, and a relationship with his or her grandparents severed. Grandparents in these cases, while not specifically the parents, still have some rights concerning their grandchildren. Under certain circumstances, grandparents in Florida may be entitled to visitation rights.

Actors, McClellan and Gillain battle over child custody

Even if while together, one parent is the primary caregiver for their child, it does not necessarily mean that parent will be granted full custody, or joint custody, in the event the parents split. Unless the two sides agree to a custody agreement themselves, family law judges in Sarasota, and elsewhere, often determine child custody arrangements based on what is in the best interests of the child.

Shepherd and Sally dispute over custody for baby due in July

There are cases in Sarasota, and elsewhere, in which a couple that is expecting a child decides to divorce. While this can complicate an issue that is often already difficult, child custody must be determined for the unborn child based on what is in the best interests of the child, just as it is in cases involving infants and older children.

Florida appeals court strips tribal court's power in custody case

Readers in Sarasota may, or may not, be aware of the issues that can arise in child custody cases that cross state or country lines. In many cases, determining jurisdiction is an issues and it can be difficult to enforce rulings from one jurisdiction in others. These same types of issues may also arise in child custody cases involving members of Native American tribes. That is because, according to federal law, Native American tribes are considered sovereign nations and are therefore self-governed and policed.

Death row father seeks custody modification after claims of abuse

When neither parent, for one reason or another, is able to care for and raise their child, custody is often turned over to a relative in Sarasota and elsewhere. Although this is often in the best interests of the child so they are able to stay with a family member, in some cases, other relatives may come forward to seek custody, which can result in a custody battle.

Virtual sex as a potential factor in child custody

Throughout the United States as well as in other countries, online gaming and related activities are highly popular. For many, these are simply games that are played for fun, often times by interacting with others in different locations. For other people, the availability of online sex or sexually-related activities has a strong lure. In Florida, couples who are getting or may be getting a divorce may want to be cautious about cybersex or similar activities during a divorce proceeding.

Mother chooses to move away and loses child custody

Determining child custody agreements can be an experience wrought with emotions for Florida parents. The need to outline a parenting plan also results in the loss of time with a child. Many orders include parameters around parental relocation and provide limits to that in an effort to keep parents and children close together and maintain a strong parental relationship with children.

Father charged with harassment following child custody hearing

Many times, child custody disputes are resolved in the courtroom if parents are unable to work out an arrangement between them. When a decision is made regarding which parent gets custody of a child, such as after a divorce or legal separation in Sarasota, a number of factors may be taken into account. At the child custody hearing, the child’s emotional well-being and the ability of the parent to care for the needs of the child are generally considered among other issues such as the preferences of each parent.

Children & residence key point in Florida custody case

When parents in Saratoga decide to separate, generally they each have a right to build a relationship with children from the union. There are some exceptions which may include domestic violence or if a parent is accused of a crime and in these instances, a parent may be given sole custody of the children.  However, if one parent is from another country, then a child custody arrangement can often end up in the courts, especially if one parent is seeking sole custody or intends to take the children to that country.

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