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6 divorce myths debunked

Divorce myths thrive because they always move down through the grapevine. You mention that you're splitting up with your spouse, and your friend knows another friend who said that her sister's brother's uncle went through a divorce and this is how it played out.

Did your spouse waste or give away marital assets before divorce?

For many couples, the asset division process is one of the most complex and contested areas of an impending divorce. For couples with substantial assets, including a home, vacation properties, investment and retirement accounts, and more, it's common to disagree about what is fair. That generally means that the courts will need to step in and make the decisions for you.

You should plan your combined vacation now

Congratulations! You and your family made it through the holidays no worse for wear. It might be the first year after your divorce, or perhaps you’ve been divorced for a while, but you did it. It was tough but you’re on the other side of the holidays and you can get ready for planning for your kid's next chunk of time off i and how you’re going to deal with your ex during it.

Divorce and college savings: a good marriage?

Divorce has a number of personal and social benefits for you, such as allowing you freedom and the ability to move on from a relationship that wasn’t working. You likely did not know that when it comes to your children’s prospects in regards to paying for college, your divorce may have helped them out, too.

Good parent, bad parent: Co-parenting and discipline

When your kids get in trouble, you have to realize the decisions your children make have nothing to do with how you handled your divorce. The important thing is making sure you and your co-parenting partner work together to build a strategy for consistency in disciplining children.

Push back against a texting while driving ticket in Florida

There is no doubt that distracted driving is a serious issue. Every day across the United States and Florida, people end up in serious motor vehicle crashes and collisions as a result of distracted driving. In order to reduce the risk on the road, Florida enacted a law that prohibits texting while driving. Law enforcement often takes steps to enforce this statute, but sometimes innocent people end up facing a serious ticket.

Advantages Of A Collaborative Settlement

Florida recently passed the Collaborative Law Process Act, which establishes a formal regulation for using the method of collaboration in divorce settlements. Using this process to negotiate a divorce agreement is advantageous because it often takes less time and money than the standard method involving court litigation. Here are some other advantages of pursuing a collaborative divorce.

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