While we all understand texting behind the wheel is dangerous, too many drivers still do it.

Until now, texting and driving has been a secondary offense in Florida, but that could soon change.

A lesser offense

The current law in Florida places texting and driving as a secondary offense, which means drivers cannot be pulled over for it.

If a police officer pulls a driver over, a citation for texting can be added onto other charges. But if law enforcement sees someone on their phone, that alone isn’t enough to conduct a traffic stop.

A new bill is aiming to allow law enforcement to pull over drivers for being on their phones.

Updating traffic laws

The Florida House of Representatives recently voted to pass a bill that would make texting while driving a primary offense. This means if police officers see a driver on their phone, they could then pull them over and issue a citation.

The measure is aimed at reducing the number of distracted driving incidents on Florida roads.

Potential issues

Opponents of the bill worry that the statute will allow law enforcement too much freedom to pull people over and conduct traffic stops.

While distracted driving is a serious issue, opponents view this as an ineffective method of addressing the behavior.

Protecting your driving record

If the bill passes, Florida drivers will have to learn to keep their phones safely stowed.

Drivers who feel they’re facing a wrongful citation, whether it’s for speeding or possibly cell phone use in the near future, can take action to protect their driving record.

A knowledgeable attorney can help drivers avoid the expensive fines and high insurance premiums that come with traffic citations.