Sarasota Speeding Ticket Lawyers

Have you been pulled over and given a speeding ticket? Paying the traffic ticket is not the easiest option; hiring a Sarasota speeding ticket attorney at The Murphy Law Group is.

Take Care Of Your Speeding Ticket With Ease

When you pay a speeding ticket, you are admitting guilt. You will not only be fined, but you will also incur points against your driver's license. Those points could lead to increased insurance premiums and driver's license suspension, which can end your career if you have a commercial driver's license and drive for a living. This will make your life anything but easy.

On the other hand, if you hire The Murphy Law Group, we will use our 10-plus years of experience to minimize the repercussions you face. You may not even have to go to court. We can do that on your behalf. This is especially beneficial if you are not a Florida resident.

Former Prosecutor On Your Side

Your case will be handled by a former prosecutor, someone who has spent years working closely with law enforcement officers and has developed a positive relationship with them. This ability to work with police often proves beneficial when striving to reduce the impact of a speeding ticket. Our goal is to get you through this in the best possible position, with your driving privileges intact.

Free Consultation: Florida Traffic Ticket Attorneys

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