Sarasota Lawyers For Leaving The Scene Of An Accident

Have you been accused of leaving the scene of an accident? This is a criminal charge, not a mere traffic violation. The penalties are severe, particularly if someone was hurt or killed in the motor vehicle accident. Defend yourself by hiring a Sarasota attorney for leaving the scene of an accident at The Murphy Law Group.

Hit-And-Run Defined

When people think of leaving the scene of an accident, they think of hit-and-run accidents. They think of auto accidents in which a driver collides with another vehicle and then drives away, leaving injured victims behind. This scenario could result in felony charges.

However, what people are often unaware of and what leads to many charges of leaving the scene of an accident is that the police must be called in all situations, no matter how severe. If one car bumps into another, if one car hits a sign post or mailbox, if there is any sort of collision between one car and another car or object, law enforcement must be contacted. Failure to do so could result in criminal charges.

Fight Back Against Hit-And-Run Charges

Our lawyers — one of whom is a former prosecutor — understand how to fight back against charges of leaving the scene of an accident. We know how to work with prosecutors and police officers to pursue a positive outcome in these serious cases.

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