Sarasota Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Violation Lawyers

Truckers and others who drive for a living should not hesitate to contact The Murphy Law Group after a traffic violation. Our Sarasota commercial driver's license (CDL) violation attorneys are dedicated to protecting your career. With a former prosecutor on our team, we know how to obtain positive results in even the most serious cases.

Defending Professional Drivers Against All Traffic Violations

We can defend you against speeding tickets and charges of reckless driving, red light and stop sign violations and all other general traffic violations, both criminal and civil. We will use our 10-plus years of experience to keep you behind the wheel. You may not even have to go to court. We can do that on your behalf. This is especially beneficial if you are not a Florida resident and you were pulled over while driving through the Sarasota area.

Truck Driver Violations

Many of these cases involve violations of laws specific to the trucking industry — laws that our lawyers are familiar with and well-equipped to address. We can defend truck drivers who have been issued citations for logbook violations, overweight violations, equipment violations and more.

With your career on the line, it is important that you choose a lawyer who is prepared to be as aggressive as necessary to get results for you. While many traffic violation lawyers do not take cases to trial, we are prepared for any possibility.

Free Consultation: Florida Commercial Driver's License Attorneys

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